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At LiveWell Counseling in Amarillo, Texas, we truly care about people, therefore we believe in serving our local community through creative and innovative counseling services. Our heart is to help people in all walks of life by providing life-changing therapy, together with spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical support. Let’s LiveWell together.

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LiveWell provided someone objective to look into my life and unearth things I could not see myself. As a result, I have made connections that I wouldn't have been able to make on my own and now view my life through a different lens. I've learned to process situations in my daily life differently and am becoming who I want to be.

I loved that there was someone who cared more about our future together than we did. I didn't know what to expect and thought the session would be more about her. However, I gained many insightful tools that we can use now and later in our marriage. There was a level of vulnerability going through this that grew us closer and strengthened our relationship.

Group has helped me connect and overcome personal fears that have haunted me for years. It has caused me to be intentional everyday and give myself permission to sweat the small stuff.